Genmark Undermount Gensets

Trademark is your supplier of Genmark Undermount gensets for reefer containers. The Genmark Undermount genset is designed to keep the weight as low as possible but performance as high as possible. The Genmark Undermount is equipped with adjustable beams allowing you to find the best possible position underneath the chassis. This factor makes the Genmark Undermount genset an interesting genset for a container chassis. Genmark gensets are known for low fuel consumption and savings can rise to 20-25% in reference to competitors.  

We make sure to provide a short delivery time of Genmark Undermount gensets and service will be available all day long.

Below, the technical specifications for the Genmark Undermount genset.

  • Size:

    1550 x760 x 760mm
  • Power:

  • Weight:

    ± 569kg
  • Decibel:

Service Interval 1000-1200 Hours
Controller Automatic ''Pre-Heat'' Start / Alarm List / Alarm Reset / Running Hours / Voltage Check
Efficiency 94.3%
Remote Monitoring Optional
Fuel Consumption 20% less fuel compared with Carrier and ThermoKing
Tank Capacity 100 Liter
Options Winter Kit
Motor Type Yanmar
Forklift Pockets ✔