Genset Lease & Rental
Trademark Leasing & Trading offers the possibility to rent or lease gensets. Leasing gensets can have many advantages. You do not have to finance the high initial investments and you can start with a higher amount of gensets in comparison to buying. Maintenance will be done in our workshop, so when a genset unfortunately fails we will solve your problem. Also genset rental is possible for shorter periods, we will respond quickly to your demands and wants. 

We can supply you with every kind of genset, like undermount and clip-on gensets. The gensets will be mounted by our service team to your trailer or reefer container in a covered workplace which is easy accessible for trucks. Next to only gensets, we also provide the option to choose for a trailer with a pre-installed genset. Renting a trailer with a pre-installed genset gives you the advantage of saving valuable time, because you don't have to stop by our workshop for placing the genset. 

For more information regarding leasing and rental of gensets, don't hesitate to contact us!