Genmark Modular Gensets

The Genmark Modular is a unique genset that fits almost any chassis. This genset has been especially designed for flexible chassis, which usually would not have the space for a standardundermount genset. Because of its compact permanent magnet alternator, the unit uses less fuel, is soundproof and it weighs much less than all current models of the competition. This combination makes the Genmark Modular genset unique in its industry.

A common complaint of gensets is the fact that they produce noise pollution when the driver has to rest. The Genmark Modular genset is soundproof, therefore producing a very low amount of decibels. Due to the absence of loud noises, the truck driver sleeps better, which improves all safety aspects.

We make sure to provide a short delivery time of the Genmark Modular gensets and service will be available all day long.

Below, the technical specifications for the Genmark Modular genset.

  • Size:

    1200 X 550 X 750 mm
  • Power:

  • Weight:

    < 400 KG
  • Decibel:

Compact Fits underneath flexible chassis
Fuel consumption 20% less fuel compared with Carrier and ThermoKing
Service Interval 1000-1200 Hours
Controller Automatic ''Pre-Heat'' Start / Alarm List / Alarm Reset / Running Hours / Voltage Check
Tank Capacity 170 Liter
Efficiency 94.3%
Remote Monitoring Optional
Motor Type Yanmar