Genset monitoring

Asset Management
Monitoring and control of reefer containers and gensets is done by robust reporting and rapid incident response. Our experienced services team watches over your reefer containers and gensets during shipments with a monitoring platform. Comparing actual performance to the plan and take action when needed, reducing risks of costly errors and breakdowns along the route.

In today’s fast paced world, information is key. Managing the traffic along the supply chain, whether over land or sea, requires sophisticated tracking tools and massive volumes of data. That’s where our partner comes in, having the technological skills to design and build the necessary technology, and the experience to monitor the data generated effectively.

The ability to track, trace, monitor and respond to events regarding your gensets makes managing the global supply chain much easier, making the daily business more effortless and future operations more efficient.

Hardware used for Genset Monitoring
Hardware used for monitoring of gensets is permanently or temporary installed on the genset to different points. Any change to monitored points can be notified to an application as well as providing individual or group email and phone alerts. All raw wireless data collected from the gensets is processed through a software application and pushed through to the user interface. This highly interactive and graphical web based software provides the user with a birds eye view of all monitored assets grouped and displayed in logical and manageable screens.

Monitored Points

  • Fuel level
  • Fuel theft 
  • Run hours and PM alerting 
  • Engine state run/stopped 
  • GPS location and geofence reporting 
  • Engine stalls 
  • Reefer connection detection 
  • Battery condition 
  • Movement and bread crumb tracing

The hardware is small and fits covertly in the frame of either nose or belly mount gensets with only the antenna visible. The device is designed for robust environments like those experienced by intermodal assets. The device is connected to the software application continuously and updates such as new geofence points or parameter changes can be performed over the air without any physical intervention.


  • Dramatically reduce fuel theft
  • Reduce reefer claims (from failed gensets)
  • Increase utilization
  • Eliminate manual inventory counting
  • Provide maintenance information
  • Improve data entry quality
  • Improve customer service